Luron Vanishing Day Cream SPF 6 And Anti-Ageing Night Cream

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VANISHING DAY CREAM OIL CONTROL FORMULA SUNBLOCK SUNSCREEN.Luron vanishing day-cream has an oil-control formula that will ensure your skin balances it’s oil production, hence perfect for oily skin. It also contains SPF 6 that will ensure your skin is protected from harmful sun-rays throughout the day.


  • REAL LEMON EXTRACT — help maintain a natural flawless complexion.
  • VITAMIN B3 — to help EVEN out skin tone.
  • VITAMIN E — an antioxidant to combat free-radicals and protect skin against damage.
  • VITAMIN A — to help nourish and rebuild skin cells.
  • SUNSCREENS — to protect skin against harmful sun-rays. Provides sun protection factor (SPF) of 6.


1. It keeps the skin moisturized

If you have rough or scaly dry skin, the vanishing day cream comes in handy. It will effectively capture the skin’s moisture, giving it a clear, fresher look.

2. Used as a base for cosmetics

It can be a perfect base for your cosmetics and makeup. It’s more of a protective cream that covers skin so that it does not get harmed by chemicals that cosmetics contain. It is usually easier for pores to be blocked if you apply on things without using a cream first.

It also helps your makeup adhere to the skin in a subtle fashion.

3. Keeps the skin feeling fresh

Vanishing day creams help in keeping the skin feeling fresh. Vanishing creams retain moisture and helps keep the skin healthy, keeping your face younger for longer. They are also non sticky and thus are quickly absorbed in the skin.

4. Helps eradicate pimples

Vanishing creams make pimples vanish with time.  They make spots appear less significant.

Use every night and wake up to intensely hydrated, nourished and young looking skin.

  • Quick absorbing super rich formula with Almond oil, Shea butter and selected emollients penetrate deep in to the skin to improve texture and elasticity.
  • Lemon extract & Vitamins maintains a radiant EVEN-TONED and flawless complexion.
  • Anti-Ageing skin-care protects skin against damages and reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Non-greasy and lightly fragranced soft cream plumps skin with a rich velvety feel

DIRECTIONSCleanse face and neck. Apply cream and smooth evenly with a gentle massage using circular movements. Avoid the eye contour areas. For beat results, use every night before bedtime

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