Kiss Beauty Bb 8 In 1 Anti Wrinkle Snail Energy BB Cream

KSh500.00 Incl. Vat 16%

  • The cream contains collagen which increases the elasticity of skin.
  • It helps hide the redness or signs of acne.
  • It keeps the skin tone all day fresh and young.
  • It naturally covers skin blemishes with creating excellent coverage, creating a clean and bright tone.
  • While applying soft and moist the finish is Snail BB Cream that produces elastic skin. Snail Aqua Activating concealing BB cream is a unique silk soft breathable water proof formula, the light fitting skin.
  • On the surface of the skin form forms protection film, make the skin with a shiny Potent cover hidden pores.
  • It is long lasting and you show thin air make up.
  • An all season and all skin and hair cream to use.