Dark & Lovely Beautiful Beginnings Scalp Care No Lye Relaxer With Coconut Oil &Aloe Vera Kit- Normal

KSh900.00 Incl. Vat 16%


  • gently relaxes hair for smooth silky, shiny straight hair.
  • The relaxer has a no lye system for scalp comfort during the relaxing process.
  • Dark and Lovely Superior Moisture Plus No Lye Relaxer Kit Super strengthens hair with 60% less
  • Apply the relaxer mixture, full kit for virgin hair and half kit for retouching new growth.
  • • Smooth the relaxer, do not exceed the maximum recommended processing time for your hair type.
  • • Rinse out the relaxer thoroughly.
  • • Apply the neutralising shampoo. If the lather is pink, continue shampooing. If the lather is white, your relaxer is completely washed off.